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The fact that half of Tumblr scrutinises people for being happy in their own skin is fucking pathetic.
Yes I’m talking to you cis haters. Like yeah I’m straight, and I’m glad I’m a guy but that doesn’t mean I’m automatically homophobic, I fully support the LGBT movement, and so do many other cis females and males. Stop making people feel bad of how they were born, you’re just contradicting yourselves.


Watch: Vintage 1950s footage of Iraq shows a flourishing nation

"At the center of our world lies the Middle East, and at its very heart, the ancient land that is Iraq," begins the narration of Ageless Iraq, one of the 85,000 historic videos uploaded to YouTube by newsreel maker British Pathé.

Directed by Graham Wallace, the vintage video showcases the now war-torn country in the 1950s as a flourishing land that was once “a main junction linking the East and the West.”

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